Exclusive High-Quality Leads For Your Business

SEO Creative Marketing’s lead generation solution is a referral system for your business. We design a marketing campaign based around a niche specific website that we develop and set up to represent your business and its services. All “request quote” form submissions and phone calls are delivered directly to you to grow your business and maximize conversions.

Our customized marketing tactics target what is known as ‘keywords’ or ‘key phrases’. This means that when someone is looking for the services you provide and type into Google a certain phrase our website or ads will appear.

SEO Creative Marketing's goal is to make the leads as targeted as possible. Our team believe that the quality of leads received far outweighs the number of leads. We dedicate our time on markets that consistently produce high-quality leads from people who want your services.

The Very Best Way To Grow Your Business

We forward customers directly to you and only work with one business in each location for each service. These are the most exclusive, highest-qualified leads you will find in Houston.

Does Your Inbox Look Like This?

If not, then get in touch with us today to see how we can grow your business with our effective Lead Generation Solutions.

How Can You Benefit?

Strengthen brand awareness, capture more leads & convert a visitor into a client. Our trusted team of developers take the time to fully understand your company and decide on the best ways we can showcase your products, skills and services.

Boost Business

A Lead Generation Website will be designed to target clients looking for services that your business provides.


Convert visitors to the website into paying clients. They are then forwarded instantly to you via phone or e-mail.


Our team use leading tools to target the best markets where your customers are searching for your services.

More Sales

Sit back, relax and let the Leads constantly come to you. Your business will be GUARANTEED to grow exponentially.


What Is A Lead Generation Website?

The lead generation website we design looks just like a normal tradie website, however it is designed to DOMINATE local search rankings. All calls and “request a quote” submissions go straight to you! Leads are exclusive to you and highly qualified, making close rates very high.

We research your competitors and make sure we strategically beat them in every way so you receive as many new leads as possible.

Why Do You Only Work With One Business In Each Area?

We only work with one business in each area for each service. This means we only work with one roofer in Texas and one electrician in Houston for example. This ensures the leads are 100% exclusive to the businesses we partner with. We do not want to cause conflict or confusion between business owners that we work with.

What If I Already Have A Website For My Business?

Most of our clients often ask this question!

This style of digital marketing focuses mainly on ‘keywords’ entered into Google and other search engines. This means that it will work and also complement your existing website or as your sole online presence.

If you have your own website, you should consider these points:

- Is it generating traffic and also leads for your business?
- Is it on page one for search terms such as “your service” in “your area”?
- Is it targeting other keywords that people are searching for in your area? 
- Is it optimized so Google sees it as a leader for the service you provide in your area?
- If you answered no to any of these questions, chances are your website is probably not doing what you initially had it developed for.

Building a website is one thing, but getting it ranked so people find it is another process that can be quite costly as it takes a lot of work on a consistent basis. Google currently factors in 200 points for a site to rank!

This is why our clients see the true value in the lead generation strategy as we include all this in the service.

When Will I Begin To Receive Leads?

Our Lead Generation websites take roughly 30-90 days to start producing calls organically through search results, however we include setup of Digital Marketing campaigns to get leads right away!

The beauty of our model is you aren’t paying any monthly fees for maintenance, advertising spends or the SEO (Search Engine Optimization) work we put into this site to get it ranking.

Its just one simple fee for exclusive access to a consistent flow of leads month in, month out. 100% Risk-free and tax deductible.

What Services Are These Leads For?

We target 3-5 of your main services, mainly the ones that you prefer to take on. We do this by creating different service pages on the lead generation website.

How Do I Know The Calls Are From You?

The Lead Generation website has a tracking number attached throughout the website. We’ll provide you with a report on the volume of leads you have received at the end of each month at your request.

We are happy to offer you training so you can take care of everything yourself using our unique drag and drop page builder.

If you would prefer for us to take care of your website for you, we can maintain your site by adding new content regularly (great for S.E.O), updating the software, protecting it from viruses and keeping regular backups.

Is There Any Lock-In Contracts Or Hidden Fees?

The beauty of our model is there is no lock-in contracts. You are not tied down to anything, our service is totally open term. We are completely transparent with pricing and you will never pay more than the monthly fee we decide upon.

We are happy to offer you training so you can take care of everything yourself using our unique drag and drop page builder.

If you would prefer for us to take care of your website for you, we can maintain your site by adding new content regularly (great for S.E.O), updating the software, protecting it from viruses and keeping regular backups.

The Lead Generation Process

In 5 Easy Steps

Step 1 - Check Availability

We will only work with one business in each location. So the first step is to ensure that there is availability for your business.

This is to ensure that we send all leads exclusively to each of our clients. For example, we will only work with one Electrician in The Gold Coast, one Roofer in Melbourne or one Landscaper in Perth.

Contact us to see if we have a space available for you in your location.

Step 2 - Sign Up

After we have confirmed there is a position available in your area and you are a suitable fit for our lead generation program, we will begin to discuss your requirements and the goods and services you provide to the community in more depth.

Step 3 - Analyse and Research Competition

We will now begin to start our research into how we can dominate the local area you work in.

A lot of research goes into analysing your local market and competitors. We use the best software available on the market today. Our team will target keywords that are getting searched the most to target the most hungry, “ready to buy” customers for your services.

We will also look under the hood of your competitors websites. This gives us insights into what is working for them and gives us an unfair advantage to to climb higher than them to ensure you get the most leads.

Step 4 - Setup Website, Social and Calls

We will then begin to design the Website and put in all measures available to get you the leads with ease.

A local phone number will be setup. When a potential client makes a call it will divert directly to the number of your choice.

All calls are recorded, we will measure how many leads you are receiving via phone and provide you with a report each month.

We collect “request a quote” form leads as well, and these are forwarded directly to your email inbox of choice.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is an ongoing task, and we will be working everyday to ensure that the website is doing its best and you are receiving the lion’s share of leads for your services.

Step 5 - Let The Leads Come In!

By now, your business is picking up pace and everything is running like a well-oiled machine.

You are receiving a steady flow of high-quality genuine leads.

If this sounds like something your interested in, get in touch with us today.